What is CBD?

CBD is an entirely organic cannabis compound that is extracted from hemp, and one that is widely used as a natural and beneficial food supplement. It can be used safely by anyone who wants to balance their diet, improve their general well-being and enhance their lifestyle.


Are there any side effects to taking CBD?

Products made from specially-bred hemp plants are generally considered to be safe, so it’s unlikely that you’ll experience any significant side-effects when taking CBD supplements.

Some people may experience diarrhoea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth or nausea.

Much will depend on how your body tolerates and reacts to our products.

We recommend that you speak to your doctor if you have any concerns.


What is the best way to take CBD?

There are many different ways to use CBD. The four main ways are sublingual tinctures/sprays, topical lotions/balms, oral edibles/capsules, and inhalation.


Will CBD show up in a drug test?

CBD is completely legal and is not a banned substance in the UK.

However, hemp-based CBD products may contain trace amounts of THC which may show up on a drugs test.


How much CBD should I take?

While the amount of CBD that you take will always depend on your choice of product and how your body reacts initially, we’d always recommend that you start by using a lower dosage and find the right level for you. A process of trial and error can then help you to determine the ideal amount, while following  guidelines concerning safe consumption.


What is CBD used for?

We cannot make health claims regarding our CBD products and can only recommend our products for general wellness.

People have found comfort using CBD for their own state of wellness but many people regularly use CBD to alleviate pain, stress, anxiety and a number of other conditions.


What is the difference between hemp and marijuana?

Although both hemp and “marijuana” are technically variants of the Cannabis sativa plant, there are significant differences between them.

Hemp is considered “industrial” and is defined as having less than 0.2% THC which will not give you a ‘high’ and is legal to use in the UK.

Marijuana generally refers to Cannabis sativa plants that have a high concentration of THC… and is illegal.


Will I get high on CBD?

CBD will not get you high unlike THC (the dominant marijuana compound that does cause a high). CBD does not contain the same psychoactive properties which means it is safe to use.


Is CBD safe for my pet?

Yes. Pets can benefit from CBD for many of the same conditions as humans: pain, seizures, inflammation, and anxiety.

CBD is safe to use for pets, but their dosage will likely be much smaller.


Can children take CBD?

It is safe for children to take CBD. We have products online suitable for all the family, however we do recommend strict adult supervision.


Do I need a prescription to take CBD?

No. CBD containing less than .2% THC does not require a prescription. Higher strength medical grade CBD however is only available on prescription. 


Can I overdose on CBD?

CBD has been shown to be safe to use in high doses. CBD will not cause a fatal overdose. However it is possible to take too much CBD. A consequence of taking too much CBD is the increased chance of negative side effects like lethargy or drowsiness. 

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